I’ll Drink to That!

Hi!  I am pleased as punch to report on the following New Years Resolutions successes:

  • I packed my lunch today… sort of.  I managed to at least throw an apple, a lara bar, a bag of carrots and my kombucha tea into my coach bag.  A for effort right.
  • I shopped locally.  I went to Planet Organic yesterday and stocked up on some much-needed necessities including apples, locally sourced chia seeds, lara bars and bananas.

I also want to share my latest eco-friendly purchase with you: The Stainless Steel Straw. I have seen these floating around on blogs for a while and figured I would try it out. 

I ordered 4 from Lavish and Lime over my lunch hour.  Not only are these straws are good for the environment, but they are good for your body too because they don’t leach the toxins that plastic straws do. 

Fact shared by Lavish and Lime: Plastic drinking straws rank 9th on the “dirty dozen’ list of plastics found in our oceans.  If we can commit to reducing our use of plastic bags we can do our part for straws too!

Tonight we have plans to go see The Tourist.  More on that to come later.
Enjoy your afternoon,



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