A Delivery of Goodness

Following up from my other (quasi) successes, I took another healthy for me and healthy for the environment plunge today and became a member with the Organic Box.  Starting next week I will experience the luxury of having wholesome, organic produce dropped off right at my condo door!  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this.  For one, I am pretty much a nightmare in a grocery store, and who doesn’t want things delivered to their doorstep.  Imagine a weekly gift of nutrients arriving for you to unwrap!

As a new member I will receive a delivery of seasonal organic fruits and vegetables from local and non-local organic farms and distributors.  Whenever possible, The Organic Box provides  locally-grown organic fruits and vegetables.  But because Albertans are um… blessed with such beautiful winters and short growing seasons, local is not always possible.   During the colder months the box is supplemented with non-local organic produce. The box also includes items such as bananas throughout the year which obviously are not grown locally.  For those who are more passionate about the 100 mile diet radius and such, you can certainly swap the bananas in your box for something more local like apples or pears.  They may not be from Alberta soil, but at least they are Canadian.

I have been teetering on the fence for a while now about purchasing a membership, and to be honest the big thing that held me back was selfishness.  I can admit I enjoy the luxury of blueberries in January (even though I have no idea what kind of pesticide regulations exist in Chile), and I am going to have to break out the peeler to start peeling my own carrots because I don’t think the ones in my box will be of the bunny farm peeled and shaped variety.  My biggest concern is I am worried I will waste the vegetables or let them wilt in my fridge, but thanks to S I find reassurance in the fact that I can always throw them in a big old pot of soup! Or, better yet, this 1950’s Jello Vegetable Pie Plate Salad:

If only for interests sake, I encourage you to visit the Organic Box website to take a look at this local venture.  Who knows, maybe you too will be receiving your first veggie gift box some time soon!

Happy Thursday!


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