Art and Inspiration

Sunday I ventured out in the blizzard to my volunteer position as Gallery Attendent in the Stollery Gallery at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts.  Despite the cold, icy roads, blowing snow and getting my car stuck in the parking lot outside the gallery I was blown away by the current exhibit and my own creative impulses were rejuvenated.

You can’t help but be impressed and inspired when you visit the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts.  Nina Haggerty flourished, despite a disability, when she discovered a love of art.  Last weekend the facility built in her name celebrated its 8th Birthday in conjunction with the Deep Freeze Byzantine Winter Festival on Alberta Avenue.  Today this state-of-the-art centre provides an environment where individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to study, practice and exhibit their art.  The results are inspiring and demonstrate what wonderful things anyone can accomplish when given the chance to follow their true passions.

Located within the Nina Haggarty Centre at 9225-118 Avenue; The Stollery Gallery is open to the public and houses a wide variety of local exhibitions. 

The Spirit Rising Exhibition featuring iHuman Youth opens with a reception on Thursday, January 13.  

When I finally got my car out of the snowdrift I was inspired to attempt my own art project at home.  The result was not impressive and I realized that I am in desperate need of the Community Arts Project offered at Nina Haggarty to adults of all artistic levels.  I’ll see you there in the beginner section. 


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