Kindness Runs Deeper Than Our Snow Drifts

L & I created this blog as a means of focusing on our goal of spending 2011 uncovering all that is good about Edmonton.   I was reminded of one of our greatest assets earlier this week.  Kindness.

After our record snowfall over the weekend I set off for work early Monday morning as I had an 8:30 am staff meeting and certainly did not want to be thought of as one of ‘those girls’ that can’t handle a weather crisis.  Over the weekend my father reminded me to buy a shovel to keep in my trunk and that my car is extremely low to the ground so I must be careful where I drive.  I decided not to follow either suggestion. 

Monday morning I foolishly drove my tiny car into the Century Park LRT Park and Ride lot and like many other (not to be stereotypical, but …) girls with small cars – was immediately stuck.  Out of no where two guys appeared, and after a lot of effort, pushed my car off the road and into the nearest parking spot.  They then moved on to push the next car that was stuck.  My car was off the main path but was now stuck in a deeper snowdrift.  I couldn’t figure out what to do, so I got on the LRT and went to my meeting.  At that point I considered leaving my car there until the snow melted this spring.  Throughout the day my anxiety over my car grew.  In a moment of weakness I vowed to immediately find some sort of husband/boyfriend/male roommate with strong arms for shovelling.  Luckily my independent,  liberated and logical spirit returned and I decided the best solution was to buy a shovel.  I left work, bought a shovel, got back on the LRT and mentally prepared to dig the car out.

When I returned to the parking lot no more than 6 hours later all of the paths were clear.  Kudos to Edmonton Transit!  As I approached my car, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  There was a shovel leaning against my car and all of the snow around my car had been cleared.  This was a huge job as the snow drift was at least 2 feet deep and I had launched my car right into the centre of it.  I was able to simply back my car out and drive home.  I have no idea who this Good Samaritan was, but I hope this person wins the lottery this week.   Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I don’t know what I would have done without you.

Edmonton is full of kind and generous people.  L and I wanted to volunteer at a holiday meal at a homeless shelter, but discovered that most agencies had enough volunteers in place 4 months prior to the holidays.  We are now on a waiting list for December 2011.  This speaks volumes as to the spirit of Edmontonians.  I’m convinced that whoever dug out my car probably also volunteers for numerous worthy organizations.  Edmonton’s generosity always seems to shine through when needed most.  And believe me, I needed it.  If not, I’d probably still be shovelling. 

Whoever you are… Thank you.



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