Breaking the Coffee Ties

Inspired by Kris Carr and the folks over at Crazy Sexy Life, S and I embarked upon a new challenge today.  For 21 days we will be coffee free.  Yes, you read right, these latte-loving girls are changing it up and facing the challenge. 

The entire challenge was a 21 day cleanse, but we decided baby steps toward wellness are better than nothing right.  You can read more about the plan here.

All in all, Kris is an amazing and inspiring person and wellness coach, that we could all learn from in our quest to be healthier and happier.  If the 21 days go well, we may look at other parts of the cleanse as well.  But so far I can tell you the first 21 minutes of my coffee-less morning were tough enough.

Imprtant notes:  We will be having copious amounts of water, herbal, green and white tea (bring on the tea lattes).  Also, we aren’t sure how long-term this will be.  For now, the goal is to survive the 21 days!

Tips on how to kick your own coffee habit can be found here

We decided to jump right in so please excuse the cranky posts over the next couple of days as we muddle through the stages of withdrawal.  You are, of course, more than welcome to join us in the challenge.  Share your comments here, or any recommendations for green tea drinks in Edmonton.


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