Day 2 – Caffeine Withdrawal

It is only day 2 of our 21 day caffeine cleanse, but I’m quickly learning what a large role coffee and lattes play in my life.  Yesterday morning I woke up and headed straight to my brand new Tassimo Home Brewing System to make a latte before I painfully remembered our no-coffee deal.  There is a Tim Horton’s on the main floor of my office building and I’m certain that coffee fumes are pumped through our ventilation system.  My wonderful co-worker makes a daily mid-afternoon trip to Starbucks.  It was extremely painful to turn down my beloved grande  bold roast with a peppermint flavor shot.  My friend called me to set up a latte date at our regular hangout, Credo.  She’s just home from her wedding in Mexico and I’m anxious to see her photos, but I’m afraid the delicious lattes would immediately push me off the wagon.  I hoped that my hair appointment and drastic new hair color would take my mind off  coffee.  It didn’t.  Unfortunately, my hairdresser was brewing a pot of pumpkin spice coffee which I was barely able to resist.

I realize I will not last for 20 more days without better motivation.  I don’t want to lose this challenge to L; but I desperately need something more powerful to focus on.

 Here are the 3 things I am hoping will take my mind off coffee:

I found a great herbal, caffeine free tea; Tetley mojito mint lime.  I’m on my 4th cup of the day right now.


I want to look as good as Anne Hatheway did at the Golden Globe Awards.  This will also take exercise and healthy eating, but no caffeine is a step in the right direction.  Right?

$4.75 per latte x 21 days = a pretty good down payment on my dream shoes. 

Hope this works!

4 Responses to “Day 2 – Caffeine Withdrawal”
  1. Joan says:

    Ice cold water is always a great alternative to coffee. It is also a wonderful way to save money each and every day and your body will also thank you for chosing this fine beverage.

  2. Cygnet says:

    So….. when I asked S if she wanted her afternoon coffee today, she directed me here….
    Ladies, life is short. Why on earth would you give up the lovely, cozy, kick start from a freshly brewed, fragrent, delicious cup of java!?

    • Ha ha that’s too funny! The quick answer is we wanted to see if there would be any health benefit, and the idea that your body could be addicted to any substance is a bit scary. And trust me, our level of coffee consumption was bordering on unhealthy : )

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