What’s in your fitness routine?

So I know that I have tweeted about it a few times so I figured it was time to post about Boot Camp (or UNBootCamp as my gym calls it).

First off, let me confess that I am kind of a gym addict.  You name the class and I have probably tried it (except a pole dancing class… but who knows what the future holds).   It has always been more of a fun over fitness thing for me.  I don’t think of the gym as work.  I think of it as dance, laughing and a healthy way to spend my spare time.

Anyways, that changed when I discovered Healthy Rhino in December.  I was hooked after my first class!  In two months I have noticed I can do more push ups, hold plank longer and lift heavier weights.  I love how these mini accomplishments creep up on you, like suddenly noticing it’s not dark outside when you leave work anymore.

If you are considering joining a boot camp, I would totally urge you to give this one a try.  Every class is different, I have met some fantastic people and I seriously look forward to my weekly classes.  I don’t know how many times I have come home and said “look what I learned to do” like a kindergartener after a day at school ha ha.  And I am always challenged.

Just don’t let the burpees scare you off : ) We all start somewhere and rememebr you are so much stronger than you think!!

If you have any classes in Edmonton that you love leave us a comment and we might try them out with you!


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