It’s Tea Time!

I have always drank tea on occasion, but I have never fully embraced all the different types of tea out there or had a desire to learn more about them.  That all changed this week as I stood in line at coffee shops, becoming that person who asks far too many questions when all you want to do is order your latte and go back to the office (sorry about that).

The truth is, there are more varieties and flavours of tea out there than I am certain is entirely necessary.  Becoming a tea aficionado is a pretty complicated task when faced with black, green, white, fusion and roobios varieties, each of which has about 50+ different flavour combinations.  With black tea off the list, I have spent the week becoming familiar with green and white teas and have ventured far beyond my usual chai (which I used to think was adventurous).  I have also been using this little Snowman tea infuser at home.

I didn’t really intend to buy loose leaf tea but alas these are the mistakes of a rookie tea drinker  : )

In an effort to try more tea I have been to a few of the much talked about tea purveyors in Edmonton this week.  My Favorite samplings this week have included:

  • Almond Joy Green Tea from Steeps on Whyte ave.
  • White Malibu Tea at Davids’s Tea in Southgate  Mall
  • A coco caramel Roobios tea from Teaopia in Kingsway (I am not sure if that fits the green/white/herbal guidelines because lets be honest, I can’t even pronounce Roobios)
  • Chai Yerba Mate
  • Tazo Green Tea latte mix (note: It tastes a bit funny with almond milk)


As you can see, I don’t really like the fruity teas.  Not sure why, but berry tea just doesn’t appeal to me.  I also had a bad experience with liquorice tea this week that tasted like someone had spike my tea mug with Sambuca when I wasn’t looking.

So here we are 5 days in to the adventure cleansing challenge and I am starting to miss it less and less.  I can tell you that decaf lattes just aren’t the same and leave me feeling rather unfulfilled.  As always, send your recommendations and fave tea combinations our way!

Happy Saturday! I am off to bootcamp and then picking up my organic box!!


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