Buy One Give One

I used to own a fabulous pair of red TOMS… but they were sadly left behind in Thailand somewhere.  I like to think that I donated 2 pairs of shoes to someone who needed them more than I probably ever did.

I am eagerly waiting for spring, or sooner so I can buy a new pair of TOMS.  For those of you who haven’t heard about these wonder shoes, the TOMS company was founded on a simple premise:

With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One.

Not only are you buying shoes that are unbelievably comfortable for their simple construction, but you can walk away knowing you did a good deed through your purchase.  The fantastic thing about TOMS is the movement is catching on.  I read this morning that Payless has joined forces with world vision to create a TOMS knockoff called the Airwalk Hope Shoe as part of their Good Shoe Project.

The payless variety sells for $19.99 in Canadian stores, and is a more affordable option for those looking to do a good shoe deed.  I know some people will probably rant about the corporate involvement and Payless being able to produce the shoes at a lower price point, but I think the simple fact of the matter is children (ad adults) across the world are receiving the simple gift of shoes when they would have gone barefoot.

So whether you are a TOMS die-hard fan already or are looking to make a tiny change in your day-to-day consumerism, think of these shoes next time you are thinking about your spring footwear!

Happy Wednesday! S and I are volunteering for the Stollery tonight and the inveigling of the donors wall.  Maybe we will get some good pictures : )


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