Half way point

We are officially more than half way through our no coffee challenge! We talked about our experience briefly en route to the Stollery function on Wednesday night and both agreed that each day has become a little easier.  I rarely even drink tea anymore and I am sleeping way better.  S said the same, and it has been great to realize that we don’t need as much coffee as we thought.

Aslo, a quick recap of our volunteer work at the donor recognition night.  We had the chance to meet and greet present and past donors to the Stollery ranging from 10,000 to 1 million dollars.  I met a wonderful young man who has been a patient on and off in the children’s unit since he was 2 days old.  His parents were the warmest and most genuine people I have met in quite a while.  He is now 21, and we joked that he is legal : )  Mostly, he reminded me how blessed I am to be healthy.

I am thankful for the opportunity to volunteer at these events, and especially for S because she is usually the instigator behind our social calendar bookings such as these. 

Not much else to post on today, just a friendly reminder that the biggest challenge in changing is at the beginning.  It all falls into place after that.

2 Responses to “Half way point”
  1. Joan says:

    Be glad…
    of who you are
    of what you are
    ……that you are.

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