Mind Games

One of our readers (my Dad!!) suggusted that while it is fine to try and exercise and eat bettter; knowing us we should also be making an effort to sharpen our minds.   How does one sharpen their mind?  He suggested puzzles like crosswords, rubik’s cubes or sudukos.  I guess he doesn’t feel that my job or the classes I’m taking right now are doing the trick.    I didn’t plan to take his advice but after our antics yesterday (L left a bag of groceries at the self check out at the grocery store and I forgot my running shoes on the LRT) I’m thinking a few puzzles might be a good idea. 

I made it to work very early this morning and have just completed a suduko.  I hope to see evidence of a sharper mind very soon.

Happy Chinese New Year!  L and I are seriously considering skipping work this afternoon for the Chinese New Year’s buffet at Padmanadi.


2 Responses to “Mind Games”
  1. Jody Spencer says:

    After my kids were born I found I did very little that used my mind (playing peek-a-boo doesn’t count!) so I started doing the daily crossword puzzle. Within a few weeks I was beating Hubs at Scrabble which never used to happen!

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