Bee Mine!

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Valentine’s printing event, I Found Love At SNAP.   We carved our designs on printing blocks, arranged the text to appear below and printed them on a printing press.  The cards made at SNAP over the weekend are unlike any you’ve ever seen.  Our favorites include the card that states ‘I Love You More Than Facebook’ and the one with a whale that says ‘Love Blows’.  The guy sitting across the workbench from us suggested the text on my card should be ‘Love Knows All Artistic Abilities’ or ‘I Love You Enough Not To Quit My Day Job for Art’.  I decided to go with ‘I HEART U’.  Nonetheless, we are very pleased with our designs and will post more photos later today once we have picked up our finished products. 

L designed the Bee Mine card that we are both planning to send to our little nieces.  I’m starting a new tradition and sending my 10 month old niece lottery tickets with her  Valentine in hopes that sometime over the next 18 years she’ll win big and I’ll be the cool aunt that paid for her University tuition…or at least her first Coach bag.

The Edmonton Journal is running a cool on-line Valentine’s greeting idea all about Edmonton.  You can submit the Valentine-and-Edmonton-related text to the Journal and they will supply the photo and produce a professional on-line Valentine.  I heard on Global News this morning that one of the Journal reporters was going to submit ‘I’d pick you before Taylor Hall’.  The deadline to submit text is February 9 and the Valentine’s will be available for download next Monday, February 14. 

Happy Monday!  Pepper and Dylan (and Lamya!!) are back on the air this morning at the new Virgin Radio 104.9. And…I can have a cup of coffee.  Its the best Monday morning I’ve had in a while.


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