Share the Love

Some of you will know from reading posts that I am vegan and I have a soft spot for animals.  Now I am not really the soapbox type of girl or an outspoken vegan advocate, I just like to share some things that I think everyone would like to partake in (I also learned my lesson after spouting off factoids one too many times at the dinner table from In Defense of Food).

On that note, I have something to share with readers today that I hope will warm your hearts this Valentines Day.  Farm Sanctuary is asking people to celebrate by adopting a farm animal in need.  I adopted a turkey, Hawthorne, at Thanksgiving because I wanted to find my own way to celebrate so-called Turkey-day.  The photos on the website will melt your heart! Especially Riley and his little bio:

Riley captured our hearts when he was rescued from a stockyard, only days old and on the verge of death. Now that his health is improving and he is growing fast, Riley is turning out to be a real charmer. Sponsoring this sweet piglet for that special someone in your life is a great way to share your love.

It seems to me that Valentines Day is yet another holiday that is celebrated with food, and not just any food.  Usually it is high-priced multi-course dinners with wine tastings, boxed chocolates and more.  This Valentines Day I hope that we all indulge in these treats, but pause to think about sharing the love.  It doesn’t need to be with Farm Sanctuary of course! Choose a charity that is close to your heart, because after all isn’t that what V-day is all about : )



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