Extreme Nice

In the spirit of our new Do Something Different mantra we have chosen Week of Extreme Nice as our February Happiness Challenge.  L and I are working through Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project and I am pretty excited to report that we are still doing well with our January challenges (sleep early, exercise better, and my home and office are still much more organized!).

Two and the City’s spin on Extreme Nice Week will look like this:

  • Treat people (co-workers, friends, mothers) better.  Better means no criticism, no snapping, no nagging (we’re taking Gretchin’s advice with those 3).
  • Do something each day to make a friend’s day.  I’m going to take this opportunity to re-connect with friends who I don’t always take the time to visit as often as I should.  One of my very best friends has a pretty monumental birthday coming up next month and I’m going to plan something fabulous for us to do together to celebrate. 
  • Do something each day to make a stranger’s day.  I know this is cliche; but yesterday I paid for a random stranger’s coffee when he was behind me in the line up at Starbucks.  I’m hoping to become more creative as the week goes on.

I will report back next Sunday with my 7 daily acts of Extreme Nice.  We hope that after 7 days Extreme Nice will become a habit.  We’ll see what happens! 

Don’t be yourself – be someone a little nicer. ~Mignon McLaughlin



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