On Belay!

So, in light of our new Do Something Different challenge, we ventured to Climb Edmonton last night for our Get up and Go climbing lesson.   Once we were harnessed in, we learned how to attach both the climber and belayer to the rope along with the very technical belaying skills.  It’s not really that difficult, but you feel like someone’s life would literally be hanging in the balance if you messed it up.  Especially when our ever helpful guide called things the ‘all good’ or the ‘oh my God I am going to die’ way of doing them.

Regardless, by the end of the hour we each spent a couple of turns as climber and belayer and had all our gear included for under $30.  Comparable to the price of a movie and popcorn!  So will we be back? Here are our reviews:

L – I really liked it, and the fact that we can go straight to the wall next time without the lesson is appealing.  I think that indoor climbing gyms to climbers are probably  a lot like treadmills are to runners.  Not quite the same, but it does the trick to keep your skill levels and conditioning up.  I think I would love to take an outdoor class and get more practice (and hand strength) under my belt.

S – It was great!  I was impressed by our instructor and how quickly we, as absolute beginners, were climbing the wall with a level of confidence I never expected.  I’m not as keen on the idea of an outdoor class as L, but after a few more indoor practice sessions…who knows?

If you would like to give rock climbing a go, we recommend the following options in Edmonton:

  1. Climb Edmonton – although it is much smaller inside than the pictures make it seem, the staff were friendly and the other climbers were too.  It wasn’t overly busy which was helpful for a new climber and being quite new, the wall is still in really good shape.  It is also geared toward the bouldering fanatic… which is a bit advanced for us at this stage : )
  2. University of Alberta – the U of A climbing centre offers drop-in and instructional programs from youths to adults.  You can also book a time online to make sure there is space, and rent the facility out for a group activity.  Can we say team building!
  3. Vertically inclined Rock Gym – Probably Edmonton’s better known facility, Vertically Inclined offers a lot of options for beginner to advanced climbers, and also include your gear in the fee.

Let us know if you have your own Rock climbing story to share or have an idea for next weeks challenge!!  Let’s hope Jack Frost doesn’t over stay his welcome much longer this week.


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