A day for a road trip

Yesterday afternoon, after an unexpected change of plans, J and I took a drive out to Stony Plain to pay a visit to a much talked about vegan and organic cafe, Misella Delite.  The quaint 5 table restaurant did not disappoint with the extensive menu of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free items.  I should add a disclaimer here that I tend to be horrible at ordering in restaurants when faced with too much choice.  And in this case that totally happened as I stared at the chalk written menu full of mouth-watering items that were all Vegan and L friendly.  I went with the mediterranean platter, which while having some of the most delicious hummus I have tasted in a while accompanied by olive tapenade and  nutritional yeast sprinkled flatbread, was a bit lacklustre compared to J’s colourful and fresh Panini.  Alas I promised them I would be back.  The garbanzo cookie to finish was a pleasant slightly sweet and healthy desert, with carob and garbonzo beans laced throughout the wholesome cookie.  Next time I am definitely trying a chocolate date and vegetable jerk flatbread.

In other news, I forgot to post about my new watch I received as V-day/anniversary gift this week.  It is the white Sprout watch I have been lusting after since I first read about it in Boho.  The last watch I had been a gift for my grade 12 grad many moons ago that I later lost in a gym change-room and no one handed it in ; (

What makes Sprout so amazing is they are 80% eco-friendly and made from Corn resin and recycled parts.  You can read more about the eco facts here.  The website also has a really great “My Sprout” page where people post how they have been helping the environment.  Wouldn’t it be great if we all had trees like that in our offices or homes!

Hope you are all having a grand long-weekend!


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