you had us at sticky buns

10129-104 Street


For the past couple of weeks we have been reading about, and drooling over the pictures since Queen of Tarts opened their shiny new bistro/bakery on 104 street.  Yes we may have been a bit slow on getting there, but neither the Queen or her tarts disappointed.  Upon entering, the first thing we noticed was the beautiful chandelier, sparkling white walls, and beautiful oak window frames which have been retained to keep with the period and history of the building (which was constructed in 1912).

During its hey day, the Armstrong building boasted architectural detailing like cast stone, pressed metal cornices and an elevated front parapet.  The interior featured hardwood floors, a skylit stairwell and winding staircase.  The building was fully restored in 2004, and features an Edmonton Historical Board plaque which speaks to its history.

But on to the tarts! After descending the stairs we stared into the glass cases resisting the urge to touch them in fear of leaving a fingerprint smudge on the gleaming surfaces.  In all honesty, the displays are like works of art with the brightness of lemon curd and richness of chocolate brownies.  It was in the last casing that we spied the sticky buns and the wonderful store clerk began to explain, our sticky buns are made with… (sorry I can’t even remember the details but I can tell you they have delicious pecans and the perfect balance of stickiness to doughy goodness).

We left Queen of Tarts with our Sticky Bun bags in hand, carefully closed with the black store label, agreeing that we will return for the Brownie.  They are also gluten-free, which we were assured must also mean calorie free.

If you haven’t been to visit the new location yet, go! You won’t regret it.


Extra info: Feature image on this post is courtesy of Mastermaq’s flickr stream


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