Coffee, Art and Conversations

Last week, in tune with our jumping on the bandwagon a bit late theme, S and I went to the new Transcend on Jasper ave.  The new location holds true to the  things we love about Transcend Garneau: the story behind and care put into every cup of coffee brewed, including the foamy leaf that graced our lattes.  We look forward to the late spring and summer months when we can stop by after strolling through the City Farmer’s Market.

We should also mention that the artistry was not limited to the Barrista’s foam creations.  In keeping with Axis cafe’s hosting of local artist’s work on their wall space, Transcend continues to welcome colourful additions to the space.  On our visit, the work of Amanda Woodward was on display, and we were drawn to the whimsical images that were on display.  The postcards at the till we nabbed had more information and a link to Amanda’s work and we began to realize we had probably seen in other places throughout the city as well.  Someone more versed in art would likely be able to speak to what kind of art this is, but judging by our experience with Valentines card making at Snap gallery, we clearly aren’t those people.  We can however tell you that we really liked it and encourage you to visit her site or pop by Transcend Jasper to take a peek.

After perusing Amanda’s site, the planner in me was drawn to this piece:

Copyright © 2010, Amanda Woodward.

Love it!! Another cool fact: Amanda illustrated a children’s book (an amazing process in itself).

If you have time to spare, visit her design blog at it’s worth the read!

That’s all for now… we have some plans to attend a fashion week show and have some volunteer work to do this weekend (I must admit the thought of being in a room full of Edmonton’s best dressed has me slightly unnerved, but not S, she is always calm, cool and collected about these things).  More posts to come!


2 Responses to “Coffee, Art and Conversations”
  1. Hayley says:

    I have a been a huge fan of Transcend for a number of years and can’t wait to check out their new location next time I am in town. I love their passion and personalized service! Over the last couple of years Chris and I have become a litlte coffee obsessed. After much research we purchased an higher end espresso machine and grinder (Rancilio Silvia and Rancilio Rocky).

    Amanda Woodward’s work is amazing! She is my girlfriend’s cousin. She designed the invitations, programs etc. for her wedding a couple of years back and they were nothing short of amazing. Talk about small world!

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