1 thing for 1 day

In my day job, I tend to do a lot of research.  And sometimes this takes me to really interesting sites, and the opportunity to hear about amazing people and organizations.  This week, on my quest to learn more about the digital divide and information poverty, I came across Skip1.org.  After reading a bit more my mind began to race with thoughts of what I could skip, how to donate, and how to spread the word.  The blog fits in as a logical step, and I am confident our readers find sites like this just as heartwarming and inspiring as we do.

Skip1 was founded by Shelene Bryan, a former Hollywood producer that has likely seen people with wealth that my mind can’t fathom.  The shortened version of her story is she decided one day to visit the children she had been sponsoring through a charity and made the trek to Uganda to find them.  The trip was life altering, and she describes it with these words:

“I was reduced to my knees, taken out of my comfort zone – and brought face to face with compassion. I made a promise to Omega and Alonis that I would never forget them or their friends. I would go back to my home in America and advocate for these children.”

After the trip, Shelene quit her day job and created Skip1.  The premise is simple.  Skip just one manicure, car wash, latte, movie, bottle of water, bag of pretzels etc.). Something small that you don’t really need or wouldn’t really miss. Then donate the money.  My stomach began to feel ill as I read the list and thought of how much I actually spend on a haircut and colour and the good things that could be done for these children with that money.  And I don’t need to reveal the sobering details of my monthly tea and coffee expenditures that mint.com has so kindly tracked for me.  It is easy to become overwhelmed, but it is also easy to make a small change.

Skip1 is not about one person making a big donation. It’s about lots of people making small ones, something they can easily skip, and help change the world instead.


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