Give a little bit

As you know, we like to fill up our spare time with a range of activities and outings, and quite often this involves spending time volunteering.  Whether it is with the Stollery, running local races for causes, or helping out on an as needed basis it’s something that we really enjoy.  For one, you meet really fantastic people at these events that make it more than worth the time, and sometimes you create lasting friendships.

Today, our schedules were a bit hectic as we both spent the day giving a few hours to local charity drives.  I took part in our friend’s Because Edmonton Cares day this month with the Canadian Cancer Society, wrapping hundreds of daffodils in plastic sleeves.  On a less than spring day, it was great to spend a few hours inside with greenery and the smell of flowers.  All this was in preparation for the Canadian Cancer Societies Daffodil Days, which take place in late March and Early April across Canada.

The daffodil is the Canadian Cancer Society’s symbol of hope in the fight against cancer. The cheerful blooms are sold every year and mark the beginning of the Society’s annual fundraising campaign in April.

Let me tell you the logistics of this campaign are impressive.  According to their site, the Canadian Cancer Society is the world’s largest purchaser of daffodils and the growers in British Columbia begin preparations early to meet the demand for the delicate yellow flowers.  I am pretty sure the team there today wrapped over 35 boxes of daffodils alone, and then wrapped the potted plants as well.

Edmontonians will be able purchase daffodil bunches from volunteers Thursday, March 31 through Saturday, April 2 at the following locations:


Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre Misericordia Hospital
Canadian Tire West End NAIT
Capilano Mall Southgate Mall
Cross Cancer Institute Strathcona Farmers Market
Edmonton City Centre University Hospital
Grey Nuns U of A
Londonderry Mall Edmonton Wal-Mart stores
St. Albert, Sherwood Park
Wal-Mart stores

So if you happen to see a Cancer Society volunteer selling daffodils, please pitch in what you can for a good cause!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



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