A world of good

Folks across Edmonton have definitely had a spring in their step now that the sun has reappeared and our minds are drifting back to thoughts of warm sunny days.   One person I spied on my walk to work yesterday even felt it was warm enough for bare legs (and a micro mini which was so micro I at first thought she may have forgotten her pants haha).

Being Thursday and late night shopping day, S and I decided to take a stroll downtown after work for some shopping and treats.  Our original thought was credo, but then we both agreed we should stop by the new Good Earth that opened in CIty Centre.  While I like the premise of Good Earth, and the commitment to preserving the environment through compostable cups, shade grown coffee and wind powered cafes, I am afraid the delectable goodness at Credo and Transcend has turned me into a coffee snob.    To be fair, it may have not been the coffee at all.  If it’s a soy latte you are looking for, the soy milk makes all the difference between a good and a bad beverage.  I am not a fan of Sensational Soy at all, especially when it is the vanilla flavour.  So it made for an overly sweet latte, and a grumpy L haha.

S however quite enjoyed a fruit smoothie. maybe I should follow her lead next time : )


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