Make April Count

With our Passports to Prana drawing to an end, we certainly didn’t want to abandon yoga all together but were at a bit of a loss deciding where to practice and how to fit it into our schedules.  Thankfully Moksha Yoga is answering our yoga mantras with their Be Free! Live Your Moksha challenge.

The Living Your Moksha Challenge uses the 7 pillars of Moksha as a guide to live yoga every day for 7 weeks. 7 weeks!! Don’t worry if that sounds a bit too prescriptive, you have the choice to create your own challenge too.

Why are we doing it?? Amidst all this spring cleaning talk, we decided it might be an idea to focus on spring cleaning ourselves… and no we are not embarking on some crazy detox.  We did that already and frankly Edmonton can’t deal with the fallout from caffeine free Two and the City again : )

If you sign up here you will receive weekly e-newsletters with tips, stories and ideas based on each of the 7 Moksha Pillars. There will also be studio specific events happening weekly.  There are 2 Moksha studios in Edmonton and one in Sherwood park.

This is the challenge in Week one (which starts Monday): Be Healthy!

This might include one week of daily practice, 1 vegetarian meal/day, a sugar-free week! I thought I had this in the bag until I saw the sugar-free part… oh dear.

We might alter the challenge a bit, but we look forward to sharing the next 7 weeks meeting this challenge head on! Enjoy the wonderful weather!



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