Happy Earth Day Canada!

It’s time to treat the earth with kindness, after all it is her big day : ) While there are no official earth day celebrations in Edmonton today, I am sure you all have plans to celebrate in your own unique way.

Other Ideas for Earth Day in Edmonton:
  • Go see Disney’s African Cats! I may be the only adult there without a little person but I am planning to go : ) (Bonus: if you buy a ticket this week proceeds will got toward saving the Savannah through the African Wildlife Foundation).
  • Do a Latte Good! For a limited time, why not buy a friend or coworker (that needs some gentle support to kick the roll up the rim habit) a second cup reusable mug for only $2.  They will also save 20 cents every time they fill it up, and the cup itself is fully recyclable!  Oh and while you are at it, request a Rainforest Certified of Fair Trade brew to walk that extra mile of compassion.
  • Do something outside! After that blog post is launched, you are all caught up on the daily news, and you have emailed your mom in response to her weekly American Idol email.  Shutdown for the day and head out and enjoy the glorious weather!
  • Is there an eco-friendly product you can’t find in the city or a gift that needs sending? Head over to Lavish & Lime today and enjoy a free gift with every purchase in celebration of earth day!  How cute is this neoprene lunch kit!
  • Spring clean those closets and up-cycle, donate or prepare to swap your items at the Over the Top Swap! Me and S will be making an early donation and signing labels for our readers.  Watch this space for a sneak peek of the items we have chosen to swap/donate!
Please let us know how you plan to celebrate Earth Day 2011! This year, week 3 of the Live your Moksha challenge BE GREEN celebrated Earth Day with a net zero challenge.  You can read more about that on the LYM page!
Take nothing but pictures.
Leave nothing but footprints.
Kill nothing but time.

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