Celebrate the Love


Last night I attended a fabulous party which reminded me of something that people often forget. Life is tough; so celebrate your successes.

I came to know Noli and Lerma through a former job.  Over 25 years ago, they were both working in a factory in the the Phillippines when they met, fell and love and decided to marry.  At that time they had very little money and had to borrow clothes for their tiny wedding.  Soon after their first son was born and Noli and Lerma realized that they would have to leave their families and the Phillippines to give their son a better life.  Noli went to Saudi Arabia and Lerma went to Singapore, then Canada.  Their son stayed with Lerma’s parents.  Lerma, Noli and their young son lived apart for 8 years.  Today they are thriving in Alberta, have another son and are some of my very best friends.

Last night they celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary in a big way.  The gave their guests great food, dancing and hope.  Hope that love and happiness can win in the end if you’re willing to work really hard for it.

My friends Helen and Arlyn are fabulous native Filipino dancers who didn’t think it was funny when I jokingly asked if I could join their team for their next performance.  I think this would be a great idea for our next Do Something Different challenge!

Happy Easter!  We hope you’re having a fabulous long weekend.  L & I are off to drop off our items for Over the Top Fashion Swap today at Telus Field between 12 and 5.  Then we heading to Padmanadi for Easter brunch.

I discovered another great local blog this week called Girls and Bicycles – check it out!

We’ll have a complete review of Over the Top later tonight!


One Response to “Celebrate the Love”
  1. Joan says:

    What a wonderful evening…. we were lucky to be included in the festivities. The stories about their early years together (or not being together) are truly remarkable. It was such an uplifting occasion to see how happy and settled they are in Canada. We had such a great time helping them celebrate their 25th anniversary!

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