Eats, treats and peeps

A 4 day weekend is a truly marvellous thing! Although I didn’t get to spend this Easter with my family, I did talk to them on the phone a lot and had a fantastic brunch with J’s family too.  We went to Mill Creek Culina and I had the delectable Vegan Moussaka option and it did not disappoint.  Others enjoyed more omnivore fare including a bacon cinnamon bun (yes this is not an urban myth), cornbread and some of the tastiest looking french toast I have seen in a while.  J also came home with some Peeps from his parents.  How anyone could find a flourescent marshmallow that resembles a baby chick appetizing is beyond me.  The fact that he finds a candy made of sugar, gelatin and wax makes me wonder where I have gone so wrong lol.

There was a whole lot of time spent outside enjoying the great spring weather (and rekindling my relationship with the Glenora stairs).  In fact, I don’t think I have seen this many people out and about in ages.  Yesterday the promenade was a hive of people sitting on the benches and taking leisurely strolls, and Hawrelak park was much the same.   I have decided that what Edmonton needs is a Vegan Ice-cream shop!

Me and S enjoyed some time on the patio sipping lattes after dropping off some items for the Over the Top Swap.  From what we saw, there have been some very great items turned in for the swap! I even spied a Louis Vuitton bag out of the corner of my eye.  Ally & Cory are the sweetest of sweet too, and invited us to participate in the Celebrity section of the swap, but me and S agreed that we should save that for the more fashion savvy bloggers in town. We are happy just to help out at the event and experience some behind the scenes action : )

Friendly reminder to mark April 30th and May 1st in your calendars. You can still drop your items off on the day to take part!

One more thing! I discovered something very exciting on Twitter today.  Kuwinda is coming to Edmonton! What is Kuwinda you ask?

Kuwinda is a big treasure hunt that takes place throughout the city.  The idea to provide an entertaining platform where participants can win prizes from local businesses, and learn about culture and history all through the magic of Social Media.

While the event is still very much in the planning stages, you can follow them @KuwindaYEG to stay in the loop.

Hope you all enjoyed a fabulous weekend doing everything that you love to do!

One Response to “Eats, treats and peeps”
  1. Jen Thai says:

    peeps freak me out
    probably because i’m scared of birds

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