Run anyway

There is something to be said for being prepared, especially when it comes to running.  But there are also times when you want to do something just for the fun of it. To hit the pavement with a thousand other runners with reckless abandonment not caring about the finish time, not caring about the pace band, and not caring that you haven’t run often enough, long enough or fast enough.

On Saturday I was supposed to be running the Rocky Mountain Soap Run in Canmore.  But as thing usually happen, life came up.  I now plan to attend a post wedding BBQ with J’s family to hopefully get a sneak peak at pictures.  I missed the wedding because a number of factors made it financially unfeasible. Like my sudden trip to Scotland in March when my Grandma passed, and the happier event of the birth of my new nephew Gavin 10 days ago which of course required a flight to Winnipeg next weekend.

But all is not lost.  A month or so back, S posted about the Run Wild ½ in St. Albert this Sunday and last night I made a last minute decision to enter.  It is the best of both worlds now.  I get to run, and I don’t need to miss out on any family functions.  I may or may not make a trip to Lululemon in support of my tradition to wear something new for a race. Besides, I have always thought I would look quite cute in a visor hehe. We will see!

To be clear, I have quasi-trained.  I am not advocating that a non-runner should head out and try a half.  That would be pure insanity.  I have not however logged the mileage to instil confidence at the start line.  Regardless, I will be up bright and early on Sunday morning.  I will lace up my sneakers, and I will run.


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