Bikes, Birthdays and Art

Today is going to be one busy day! I tried to come up with a more creative post title… but apparently that side of my brain is not awake yet ; ) I am not sure what S is up to this morning, but my first item on the agenda is the Corporate challenge mountain bike race at Terwillegar (in 2 degree weather).  Lets not talk about the fact that J had to switch out my rear tire from my indoor trainer tire  last night because I haven’t actually rode outside this year.  It should be interesting.

After that, I have a hair appointment followed by some last-minute shopping.  For dinner we are heading to birthday celebrations for our  before we fabulous friend Jody from  One Practical Woman.  We are all going to Guru for some delish Indian cuisine!

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Later in the evening we are super excited to be attending the AGA Refinery Factory Party.  This sold out event is sure to be a great one set to the backdrop of the Andy Warhol: Manufactured exhibit that the AGA is featuring until August 21.  My only complaint is that my cocktail consumption has to be kept to a minimum since I have a Sunday morning training  run scheduled : (

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! Expect a full recap tomorrow!!

One Response to “Bikes, Birthdays and Art”
  1. Jody Spencer says:

    So how was the Refinery Party??

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