Use your right brain for a change

Use your right brain for a change.  This is the tagline for The Works 2011 Festival in Edmonton.  Events will run from June 23 to July 1, a full week for the city to come alive with a (new) appreciation for art.  If you are like us, the idea of art galleries may seem a bit daunting as others stand and admire installations and you wonder exactly what you are missing out on that everyone else seems to see.  Fear not! With this year’s festival offering 43 one-of-a-kind installations and exhibits, and over 250 special events, performances and opportunities to meet the minds behind the art you are certain to find something that speaks to you.

The Works 2011 themed exhibit program focuses on sustainability and consciousness with Energy I: Celebrating the Power of Right Brain Thinking.  You can find the full details here.  The week will kick off on June 23 at The Works Main Festival Site on Sir Winston Churchill Square from 7:30pm–9:30pm featuring a dance celebration to  the music of   OKA,  a live collective hybrid of feel good Roots, Reggae, Dub and Jazz from Queensland, Australia.

After perusing the site and the daily schedules the following artwork popped out at me:

Leah Dorion focuses on sharing and teaching the principles of Métis culture, specifically in relation to the interconnectedness of humans and nature. She invites participants to literally send their vibes out into the world in the form of beats on a powwow drum to summon the personal power to think, speak, act, and listen in Maskihkiy.  

I took a look at Leah’s website and fell in love with her art work.  This image, Snow Spirit’s Medicine (2005) is just one example of her beautiful paintings.

Snow Spirit Dances (2005)

Tim Rechner & Lucy the Elephant
Tim Rechner established a studio in Edmonton in 2001.  Rechner’s style focuses on capturing dynamic, emotive, expressive visual energies. He has collaborated with children in order to emulate their uninhibited image making.  Lucy the Elephant has been painting for over 15 years and employs a loose, gestural, but physical style of abstract painting, and first began collaborating with Rechner in 2008. Rechner and Lucy have established a compatible, complimentary way of working with each others marks.

We hope you will take the time to explore the festival at the many venues scattered through Edmonton.  Please let us know which venues you think are must see!

Hope you are all having a relaxing rainy Saturday!


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