Happy Father’s Day

A special father’s day wish for my dad,

The man who used to play keep away with the soccer ball and help me practice until I turned 16 and decided I was too cool to go to the park with him (I missed out on becoming a much better soccer player).

The man who never yelled at me but at times gave me a stern talking to like “you couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery”.  A+ advice that got my head on straight.

The man who taught me to laugh no matter what.

The man who took me fishing, taught me to take barbs off hooks, and took his girls on weekend camping adventures (I’m sorry I still hate camping dad).

The man who affectionately called my sister’s boyfriend Ronald McDonald when she was 18 because his hair was dyed bright red.

The man who taught me sarcasm and the Scottish sense of humour.

The man who became a ‘Papa’ two years ago and has revelled in that role ever since.

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and to all the dads out there and the dads to be! I hope it is a day filled with laughter, your favourite treats and of course beer : )

Love L


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