VIBE = Innovative. Creative. Fun.

I was at a party on Friday night and a highlight was definitely the Vibe Photo Booth.  Owners Armi and Erwin Fernandez are fun to work with and I should point out that they generously donated their services to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation for this event.

According to their website; VIBE is a “redefined photo booth for all occasionsUnlike the traditional enclosed photobooths, VIBE’s open-air design lends itself to greater interaction.  Your guests will gather and excitement will build as crowds watch the action take place right before their eyes“.   It certainly did at this party.  VIBE has taken their photobooth to events at the University of Alberta, countless weddings and the 2010 Grey Cup Festival.

The new band RangeRoad251 performed and they are FABULOUS.  You can contact them at 780-757-6744 and I highly recommend them for any function.  Their website describes them as having a “range from folk to straight ahead country to skirting the edges of pop/funk”.  I agree that their original music is great; but their rendition of The Cat Came Back closed their show with style and delighted every guest.  I can’t wait for their next performance and hopefully cd release.



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