You say it’s your birthday!

How does one adequately celebrate their 31st birthday? Well besides revealing to the blog community that I am in fact 31, I have big plans for my b-day.  In fact 34,349,200 other Canadians might as well : ) Yes I am a Canada day baby, and while all birthday celebrations are fantastic, something about fireworks on your birthday puts it over the top.

I am kicking off Friday with an early morning Canada Day Road Race at the Alberta Leg grounds.  It’s a 15km route down river valley roads for Cops for Cancer.  Last year it was so much fun and I am hoping for more of the same.

After that, me and S are heading to the Ponoka Stampede to join in the Canada Day festivities, witness the rodeo first hand and lend a hand volunteering for a couple of hours. I am not going to lie, I am pretty excited.  I may or may not be listening to Cowboy Take me Away on repeat and watching Hope Floats to get a little but more countrified.

Look they are already setting up!

S thinks I am crazy to want to wear cowboy boots, and pretty much vetoed a Stetson.  I am in full outfit planning mode for Friday and Saturday and have been googling (if that’s a verb) ‘What to wear to a rodeo’ for the past week.  I also read that Kate Middleton plans to wear jeans and a cowboy hat to the Calgary stampede… which I think/hope will make S reconsider the hat.

Option A brought to you by ShopStyle:

Option 2 from Wearever the Weather

I loved this quote:

Below is a sample of great looks that you can find in your own closet that will help you feel right at home at the Rodeo without looking like you are in the Rodeo.

So tell us! What do you in fact wear to a rodeo and what are you Canada Day/ Long Weekend plans? If you are running the race please say hi and if you are in Ponoka come party with us!! Did I mention there will be cowboys?


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