Its all about the bike

July is a big month for cycling enthusiast in Edmonton and all over the world.  It has been drilled into my head, that this weekend is not only for birthdays, but also the start of the Tour de France.  Yes folks, it’s that time of year again.  We have checked in advance what channel the Tour will be on (TSN2) and have watched as the team lineups were announced.  I am less on board this year because Lance isn’t racing, but it is still an amazing feat to watch.

For those of you looking to get in on the cycling action at a more local level, the Kokanee Cup is once again taking place in Edmonton on July 23.

the Kokanee Edmonton Canada Cup is an annual, National-level mountain bike race attracting international acclaim and world-ranked top talent from all across Canada. As a Canada Cup Series venue, Edmonton offers something truly unique, treating racers and spectators to the only stop on the Canada Cup circuit with a centralized urban course, perfect for both racers and spectators, right in the heart of the Edmonton River Valley.

I am pretty sure me and S will be volunteering as course marshals this year, and I would encourage you all to do the same or help out in some capacity.  It is a great thing that we can host national events like this, and what city couldn’t benefit from some more cycling exposure?  Oh and with a sponsor like Kokanee do I need to point out that there is a beer garden? Beyond that, you can stop by the Remax bike expo which will feature:

  • Bike Displays – test ride the newest 2011 bikes
  • Merchandise – shop for the coolest bike gear and clothing
  • Food & Beverage – enjoy a variety of food venders
  • Live Trials Demonstrations – if you haven’t seen trials riding up close, you need to check this out
  • Family Zone – tented rest area, and kid’s inflatable jumping castles
This really is an event for the whole family! Want more? The Canadian Single-Speed Championship will also be in Edmonton, Saturday July 23, 2011! Single-Speed racers will ride the same Edmonton River Valley course in an attempt to claim the top spot ad of course the Gnome Trophy.
Hope to see you there!

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