In my 30th year

On the eve of my 31st birthday I thought I would share with you the fabulousness that has been 30 and the little life lessons I have learned this year.

1. Life will take you to majestic places that you will never forget.

2. There will never be anything as precious as family…

3. Except maybe great friends!

4. Believing you can do something is perhaps the most important step.



5. You may not always read the book but you will always enjoy the company! (this ones for you Jody)

6. You just may have a culinary artist in you just waiting to come out!

7. There are times if life where you will suddenly feel like an adult (they won’t always be happy but they will help you grow)

8. Putting your Ipod in your sweatshirt pocket before using a public washroom is a bad idea (trust me on this one)

9. The room in your heart for more love is exponential

10. And finally… there will come a time in your life when you are probably too old for shots of Patron (I believe 30 might just be that year )

Have a splendid Thursday!


4 Responses to “In my 30th year”
  1. Jody Spencer says:

    Great list Lindsey! I hope you have a fantastic birthday 🙂

  2. Kendall says:

    A very happy birthday to you! (… and keep doing those shots of Patron)

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