Gone Country!

Canada Day turned out to be a great day for a rodeo! The sun was shining, the crowd was huge, and the fans were boisterous.  I learned a lot about rodeos and country charm this weekend thanks to S and our trip to the Ponoka Stampede.  It was not all just fun and games though, we did some serious work at the ticket master booths to get our hand stamp, all access pass to the beer gardens last night ; )

In no particular order, here is what I discovered about the rodeo circuit and the Stampede experience:

  • Fashion Stampede Style. I for one appreciated the authenticity of oversized belt buckles, cowboy hats and shirts that I can’t even describe.  This photo only begins to capture true rodeo style.

  • Working in customer service of any sort is gruelling work.  People are more demanding than I ever imagined or recalled and I have a new respect and empathy for what our store clerks. cashiers and baristas have to endure.
  • Fair grounds and rodeos aren’t vegan friendly : ) 

Me: could I have corn on the cob please… but without butter.
Food Stall lady: (laughs) Oh no honey it’s cooked in butter!
(Followed by a few jokes at my expense lol)

  • I love seniors.  Seriously the older generation exuded friendly down home country charm.  S and I had great conversations at the ticket booth with some folk that have been attending the Ponoka stampede for 45 years.  They were so polite and shared great stories!
  • You can tell a real Rodeo Girl from a mile away. Her belt buckle is earned, she doesn’t have hair extensions or gel nails, and her jeans aren’t rock and republic.  I wish I had snapped some pictures of the real rodeo princesses!
Hope you are all having a great long weekend!!



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