1000 Big Ideas

I attended the first stop on the Think Big Alberta Tour last month at the Shaw Conference Centre.   Don’t worry; Two and the City will not become a political platform!  We may try to influence you on shoes and makeup, but that’s it.   

At the Think Big Event, I learned about a very interesting website called 1000 Big Ideas.  It is intended to collect ideas for the future of Alberta from Albertans to be passed along to the next leaders of our province.

According to the website:

  • we will set a goal of coming up with 1000bigideas for Alberta before October 1st – the date that a new leader for the province will take over.  This will be a gift with the expectation of nothing in return, other than a province that will be led with ideas, intent and conviction.

There are currently 21 Big Ideas posted ranging from a fitness tax credit for adults, to changes to the financial services industry,  to proposed regulations legislations regarding mudflaps on trucks.  The possibilities are endless and I encourage you to read the ideas and propose your own.  Who knows what could happen with them?



2 Responses to “1000 Big Ideas”
  1. Nana says:

    I also attended this event….I checked out the 1000bigideas website, but never posted. After reading your post, it has inspired me to actually put one or two of my ideas up there. So thanks!

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