Marathoner in training

Welcome to the first of several posts on my marathon journey as I enter the final 6 (and a half) week stretch until the 2011 Canadian Derby Edmonton Marathon.  While I have run a handful of half-marathons, this is my first full marathon and I have been nervous since day one of training began.

Today, this post is not about training though, it’s not about nutrition and carb loading, and it’s not even about cute running fashion. Nope, this post is about feet!  Now I have never really loved my feet.  They are wider than average, my baby toe is pudgy in strappy sandals and I am extremely prone to blisters (especially after a pedicure!). But since we got into the higher distances my feet have been a source of problems,  not a good thing when you need to spend 3-4 hrs pounding them on the pavement.

They are callused and blistered and my toe nails are cut as low as possible to prevent losing them.  Not a pretty sight at all.  So I am on a mission to find a solution to prevent the blisters without changing my shoes because I am scared to change anything major at this point.

Here are some of the solutions I have come across so far:

  1. For blisters the best treatment is prevention (oops). The most important treatment is to reduce friction and look for the cause. Was the sock folded or crumpled at the toes or heel? (probably) Is there stitching in the shoe that is prominent or defective? Is the shoe not fitting properly?
  2. Avoid cotton socks and use socks with synthetic blends, small fiber wool blends or acrylic
  3. It is important for your sock and shoe combination to allow for wicking. The shoes should have some areas of breathable fabric, like nylon mesh.
  4. When picking out shoes, make sure to measure your feet with your socks on. Pick a shoe with a rigid midsole, but has flexibility at the toes. Your toes should have some wiggle room. The general rule is one finger’s width between the longest toe and the tip of the shoe.

Here’s the thing.  I do all that.  I have double layered socks, my shoes are half a size big for wiggle room, and I am pretty sure they are wicking.  This week I used body glide too but no luck.  The blister on the side of m foot was so horrendous I am sparing you all of the picture lol.

What’s left to try?

  1. Toe socks.  On running forums ultra runners swear by them so maybe its worth a shot.  I know I have seen them at MEC and I promise not to wear them with sandals.
  2. Mole skin or taping.
  3. Another brand or type of sock??
I am open to any suggestions so if you know the secret to happy feet please let me know!! Until then, I am forgoing sandals in favour of flats : )
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  2. […] socks – I previously posted about my blister woes and the search for new socks.  We may have found a winner folks. Last Saturday I purchased these […]

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