Friday Favourites

L & I were inspired by Oprah and her annual and extremely popular Oprah’s Favorite Things episode to start our own weekly recap of the favorite things we discover or rediscover throughout the week.

Oprah presenting an iPad during her 2010 Favorite Things episode.

S’s 3 weekly favorites:

1. Flirt Cupcakes NEW location on Jasper Avenue and 105th Street.  I am a huge fan of Fury, the delicious pepermint chocolate cupcake.  L will be happy to see they offer a vegan option too!

2.  Given that fabulous cupcakes are now available one block from my office, I have made an effort to return to the gym.  I highly recommend the Tuesday evening Spin class at the Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre. 

3.  Following the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s tour of Canada.  My friend Hayley saw Will and Kate upclose and personal in Yellowknife on Tuesday!  I’m so jealous!

L’s 3 weekly favorites:

1. My new lululemon Run Willpower shorts.  I am always a bit sceptical about new running shorts because of the tendency to ride up or bunch.  But these shorts made for (ahem) athletic legs are absolutely a dream to run in!

2. My new NVEY eyeshadow that I posted about here.  I am so tempted to go back and snap up a few more while there are still on sale.

3. The Coach wristlet S gave me for my birthday. So cute, fits my BB perfectly and has slots for debit/credit cards.  Not to mention it’s black.  If you know me, you know I don’t do well with light coloured anythings : )

 Have a good Friday!  We have a movie date tonight to see Larry Crowne at City Centre!

S & L

One Response to “Friday Favourites”
  1. How did I miss that you said there was a vegan option!!!!!

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