Catching on to Kindness

I have been an avid follower of Susan’s blog, The Great Balancing Act  for a while now.  Her sense of humour and charm drew me in right away.  This past February, Susan suffered a devastating accident while skating in Ottawa and shattered her elbow.  Although this put her in a tough place, given her day job is in the world of personal training, her enthusiasm never faltered as she shared her recovery (and the pain of multiple surgeries to piece her elbow back together).

This past month, Susan posted that her health journey had hit another obstacle when she was diagnosed with Lymphoma.   Amazingly, she still finds the energy to blog and tweet from her hospital bed, sharing yet another arduous journey with her readers. Because Susan is a personal trainer who recently changed jobs, and like many people her age (25) with cancer, she is not yet set up with proper health insurance and clearly can’t work.  In response, her fellow bloggers have arranged to hold:

The Great Fundraising Act! 

On Monday, July 25th, bloggers, followers and friends of Susan’s will be hosting a live auction and bake sale from 8:00 AM (EST) to 11:00 PM (EST).

There will be over ONE HUNDRED items to bid on!  Including Several amazing gift baskets and packages up for bid.  In addition to the generous donations from these companies, there will be also be several donations from fellow bloggers.

Items will include delicious baked goods, a professional blog makeover, a lifetime recipe hosting service, autographed books & cookbooks from published bloggers, kitchen gadgets & dishes, clothing, accessories and much more.

All bids will start at $10.  All proceeds from the auction will go directly to Susan.

In a recent post, Susan wrote:

Any remaining funds will go towards the Moncton Hospital’s oncology ward. They are in dire need of a few upgrades, especially in their kitchen and family room. I know it’s more common to give money to societies and organizations, but I now realize how important it is for people like me, stuck in the hospital because of cancer, to have simple comforts available to them. The oncology ward still uses a VHS player! After meeting so many very sick patients in the ward, and the families that spend all their time with them, I know they deserve better.

This is an event not to be missed!  Please join in The Great Fundraising Act live auction on Monday, July 25th!! You can follow Susan on twitter @BalanceSusan to lend support.  You can lear more about lymphoma here.


2 Responses to “Catching on to Kindness”
  1. Susan says:

    Thank you so much!! Words can’t really describe how thankful I am to have so many people looking out for me. It makes a nightmare of a situation a lot easier to face. Gives me lots if hope that I’ll get through this! (with a little help from my friends of course) xoxoxo

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