Will & Kate in Yellowknife

When Susan asked me if I would do a guest post about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s recent visit to Yellowknife, I was thrilled because I am avid reader of TwoandtheCity. Truth be told, I’ve never been much of a “royal watcher” or celebrity follower for that matter but I could not help but get caught up in the buzz of the recent royal nuptials. Like the rest of the world their story book wedding was on my PVR and I got up early to see the dress!  Some of the ladies at my work decided that the best way to celebrate the royal wedding would be by wearing hats. Sadly the only hats I have are ball caps and toques so I borrowed a ‘fascinator” type headband from one of my coworkers. Thanks K!

The Ladies of Prevention Services Celebrating the Royal wedding

Last Tuesday thousands gathered at the Somba K’e Civic Plaza to catch a glimpse of Will and Kate. My husband and I were among the excited crowd. The festivities included a performance by the Dettah Drummers and
demonstrations of Artic sports.

“It’s great to be North of 60,” said Prince William to resounding cheers. “This place is what Canada is all about: vast open beauty; tough, resilient, friendly peoples,” he said, finishing with a “mahsi cho” – thank you in
the Dene language.

After the formalities, Will and Kate spent a fair amount of time interacting with the crowd as they walked to the ceremonial circle where Will would play ball hockey with some local kids. Unfortunately we were not close enough to shake their hand but we did get a good view of them as they were watching the Alaskan high kick. My hats off to my fellow spectators who were extremely polite and on more than one occasion checked-in with one another to make sure that everyone in our area got a good view.  Kate looked stunning in her cream linen dress!

Some of my co-workers were fortnuate enough to get very close and were kind enough to share their photos. Thanks E, J and R!

  • After the meet and greet, the couple had a busy day including
  • -playing street hockey with some local kids at the Cerimonial Circle;
  • a tour of our Legislative Assembly and attending a session of  Youth Parliment;
  • visting Blachford Lake Lodge where they saw demonstrations by the Canadian Rangers and learned about Dechinta Bush University that combines academia and aboriginal knowledge.

I hope they enjoyed their trip North; I know Yellowknife was thrilled to have them!


2 Responses to “Will & Kate in Yellowknife”
  1. Joan Olson says:

    What a great blog…. Yellowknife was lucky to be able to host the royal couple. H. and friends got really terrific pictures, and will have super memories to look back on forever. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.

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