Summer Book Lovin’

There is nothing that compares to spending a warm summer night on your porch with a good book.  And lately in Edmonton, it has been equally cozy on the couch with my duvet devouring some summer favourites.  While I love a more philosophical read, I also thoroughly enjoy the whimiscal  ‘quick read’ books that are perfect for the beach or days when you just want to get lost in a book.  Me and S have pretty similar book tastes, we go for the throw backs to our youth, series where you get to know and love the characters, and even the odd Nicholas Sparks-esque romantic tale.

Another summer bonus is Audreys on Jasper is now offering American Books at American Prices.  Yes that’s right, you pay the sticker price on the back of the book in US as long as the book was printed in the US.

Here is a list of our must-reads for the summer (disclaimer: these reads are purely for fun!)

    1. The Carrie Diaries – What’s not to love about a Candace Bushnell novel!  The Carrie Diaries is the story of how a regular girl (Carrie Bradshaw!) learns to think for herself and evolves into a sharp, insightful writer in her pre-New York days.  I picked this up in the airport last time I was home, and I actually was impressed with how cute the story was and how the image of Carrie in her younger days somehow fits with exactly what you imagined she would be like – minus the Manolos and Big.
    2.  Un Amico Itailiano: Eat Pray Love in Rome – This one is also a prequel of sorts.  Written by Luca Spaghetti (yes, that’s really his name), the author tells the story of how he was asked to show Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat Pray Love fame) around Rome.  When Elizabeth Gilberts follow up book Commiitted hit stores, I ran out to buy it hoping to be swept up in the same way EPL filles readers world wide with the urge to travel the world to find themselves. Sadly, I did not fall in love with it.  Un Amico Itailiano, however was exactly what I hoped for.  It’s a must read for summer 2011!
    3. Sweet Valley Confidential – Like most girls our age, we grew up with Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield through the Sweet Valley High series.  This book catches up with the twins 10 years after their highschoograduation and in the midst of a bitter fight over something we can all relate to – a boy!  If you liked the original series, you’ll like this too.  Just like watching old episodes of Friends, sometimes you need a dose of nostalga.

Happy Reading!

S & L

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