Friday Favourites

Here is our 2nd edition of Friday Favorites!

L’s 3 weekly favorites:

  1. Traumeel – you know those icy gels that smell like a bad combination between pepper mint gum and men’s aftershave? Well Traumeel is the homeopathic, odourless miracle replacement.  I use it on achey muscles and joints post run or hard workout and it is phenomenal!
  2. Rocky Mountain Soap Lip Gloss  (in nude)
  3. DeFeet socks – I previously posted about my blister woes and the search for new socks.  We may have found a winner folks. Last Saturday I purchased these lovely women specific DeFeet socks and despite a very rainy run my feet were mostly ok!

S’s 3 weekly favorites:

  1. City and Dale – one of our favorite blogs.  We were so excited to be featured here this week! 
  2. Freewill Shakespeare Festival – Othello and Twelfth Night are playing at the Heritage Ampitheatre in Hawrelak Park until July 24.
  3. Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse –  One Practical Woman and I went here last week and were blown away by this new restaurant whose concept is unique to Edmonton.  According to their website:

PAMPA offers a unique fixed-price dining concept known as “rodizio.” This service style features continuous table-side service of a wide variety of select cuts of beef, pork, poultry and lamb. Included in your “rodizio” experience is our one-of-a kind salad bar.

Guests control their service with a small red and green-sided disk. The green side signals the grill masters to bring this variety of meat skewers to the table, while the red side may indicate a pause in service or that you are finished. Turning back to the green side indicates the grill masters to resume service.


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