cakes + ♥ + wicked

I’m one day late with Friday Favorites, but my 3 discoveries this week are too good to wait for next week.

1. Saxby’s Dessert Factory Outlet –

My friend and co-worker T has been trying to introduce me to the guy she lives across the street from for what seems like forever.  After months and months of planning by T, the neighbour invited us over for a bar-b-q last Friday.  You may have seen something about this on Twitter at #awkwardsetups or #meddlingcoworkers.  Wanting to make a good impression I offered to bring dessert.  Days before the big event, I panicked because I know my baking isn’t the best way to impress anyone!  T saved the day and ordered me a delicious chocolate cake from Saxby’s.  We took the cake home, put in on one of our own plates and passed it off as my own baking.  I don’t think anyone believed me, but I’m glad I didn’t show up with a sorry plate of Rice Krispie squares. The neighbour turned out to be quite the gourmet and had all of us smitten when his meal included homemade bacon bits and a squash!

Saxby’s Dessert Factory Outlet is located at 4120 – 98 Street and can be reached at 780-440-4179.  Look here for reviews of this cheesecake and cake factory. 

2. Love Bites –

After reading about my cake antics above, you shouldn’t be surprised that I was hooked on this quirky NBC mini-series about love and dating.  I just read here that it has been cancelled, so I recommend catching it quick while its still on Shaw on Demand.

Annie, Beckie and Jordan, Episode 1 of Love Bites

3. Wicked

Last night I was completely blown away by Wicked.  It is playing at the Northern Alberta Jubilee until August 7.

According to Broadway Across America:

  • Long before that girl from Kansas arrives in Munchkinland, two girls meet in the land of Oz.  One – born with emerald green skin – is smart, fiery and misunderstood.  The other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular.  How these two grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good makes for “the most complete – and completely satisfying – new musical in a long time” (USA Today).

I can’t give away too much about Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) and Glinda (the Good Witch of the North) because L is going next week.  The sets, costumes and musical performances are unbelievable.  I also highly recommend the mojitos on special at the Jubilee!




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