Friday Favourites

Hi all! It’s that time again when me and S list our top 3 favourites from the past week.  Thankfully, the sun has been shining a bit more this week which gave us the chance to get outside and venture to Taste of Edmonton on Monday.  Here are my 3 things:

  1. Pur Minerals foundation – in line with my goals to move towards a less chemically-laden make-up bag which I talked about here, I decided to make the switch to a mineral based foundation.  A group deal made it an even more appealing switch.  I have only been trying it out for 2 days now, but so far I am a fan! I got a starter kit with a foundation, bronzer and blush.
  2. Sanuk yoga mat flip flops – last wek when J dragged me to campers village with him to pick up hiking supplies, I spent a consideerable amount of time looking at smartwool and Lole clothing.  Who knew there were so many good finds there! Anyway, I slipped my feet into these sandals and immediately fell in love.  They are so spongy and leave no in between the toe blisters at all.
  3. My new phone! I upgraded to a Samsung Fascinate last week and while I am still learning how all the added features work (and how to answer it) I am so happy with it.

Friday favourites brought to you by S:

  1. Taste of Edmonton – my favorite summer festival!  I have been a huge fan of the strawberry cheesecake from The Old Spagetti Factory for many years and it certainly didn’t disappoint this year! Thanks J!  Another favorite is the perogies from Taste of the Ukraine.  Taste of the Ukraine has been a popular spot on Jasper Ave for years and temporarily closed their doors this week as they look for a new an improved location.  2ATC can’t wait for them to reopen!
  2. Fabulous new blogs:  two of my closest friend have created new blogs: ykgirl and reJenerate . Both of these fabulous ladies have guest posted on 2ATC, ykgirl wrote about Will and Kate in Yellowknife and reJenerate wrote about mainting a healthy lifestyle despite being tied to a desk 8 hours per day.  Check them out!
  3. Blue Plate Diner – I love this place and go there for business lunches, first dates, book club meetings – you name I; I suggest this place. 

    reJENerate enjoying soup at The Blue Plate Diner


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