smashing pumpkins

‘If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.’

– Bob Hope

I’ve been spending some time in Wetaskiwin lately working on one of my favorite events of the year – the Pumpkin Ball in support of the Wetaskiwin and District Association for Community Service.  I have been involved with this organization for nine years (ugghhh – I feel old writing that) and am thrilled for the opportunity to continue to coordinate their signature fundraising event.

About WDACS:

Their vision is a community which includes people of all abilities.  They work towards this vision through the provision of individualized services in the community to more than 80 children and adults.  Through the Connections Day Program, the Residential Program and the Lifestyle Options Program, they work with their community to serve people living with disabilities.  To support this important work, they raise funds through the Annual Pumpkin Ball.  In 2011, funds raised will be put towards an accessible home in Wetaskiwin.

The 37th Annual Pumpkin Ball will be Saturday, October 22 in Wetaskiwin at the Memorial Arts Centre.  Believe me – its not your average charity supper and dance!  Local grocers donate over 100 pumpkins and members of the community turn them into pieces of art.  When I say art – I’m not talking about a jack-o-larntern!  These creations are auctioned in a live or silent auction and fetch well over $25,000 in each of the past years.  Last year the amazing cat in the fish bowl pictured below sold for a record $3,000!  Anything goes; the only rules are the finished product must be less than 2′ x 2′ x 2′ and you can not cut into the pumpkin.

As with any event that is heading into its 37th year; I’m always looking for ways to update it each year.   I’m lucky to have such talented friends and family who are helping to push 2011 PB off the charts:

 n mai mai is designing all of the promotional materials.

– Scot is playing piano during dinner.

– My Mom is the volunteer of the year and will decorate a pumpkin, set up the day before, trouble shoot the day of and process payments after the auction.  Please Mom!

– Arlyn and Helen are performing a traditional Filipino dance that celebrates a good harvest.

I can’t wait! L schedules a trip for October each year – I think its because she knows she would be decorating pumkins all month if she was home.  Let me know if you have any ideas for my pumpkin.  For me, that is the most stressful part of the event.  Hopefully reJENerate will help me!


5 Responses to “smashing pumpkins”
  1. Joan Olson says:

    Glad to help out !

  2. Joan Olson says:

    I guess it will be my 9th PB also….

  3. reJENerate says:

    I will totally help you with your pumpkin! 🙂

  4. I quite possibly have been involved with 20 Pumpkin Balls (now that is old) and you keep raising the bar to keep our event fresh, exciting and successful. I appreciate all of the Olson family and friend contributions! Marilyn

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