Help a Neighbour: Stolen Pup

I tweeted last night about a poster I saw in the Oliver area regarding an elderly woman’s pet dachshund that was stolen.  I don’t know about you, but in our house our pets were like family.  When I moved to the UK for work, leaving my little black pug behind with my parents was one of the hardest parts of moving (don’t worry, she lives a life of luxury now and winters down south).

Wanting to do more to spread the word, I am sharing a picture of the poster with you now and contact details in case someone can help.

WHEN: Wednesday, July 6th at 12:30 pm an Oliver Senior was robbed of her dachshund

WHERE: Outside of Shoppers Drug Mart on Jasper and 114

DESCRIPTION: The person who nabbed the dog is described as a caucasian, very thin female with shorter hair.  Traveling with others in a light coloured SUV.

THE DOG: The pup is a dachshund, approximately 25lbs (I think that may be heavier than the pic), mostly black with some brown, and he has an ear tattoo.  His name it TimBit or Tim.

CONTACT: If you have any information please call Edmonton Police Service at 780.423.4567.

Maybe you were driving on Jasper that day and could identify what kind of SUV it was??  I would hate to think this is a growing trend. guard your precious pets.





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