A weekend of yoga

There is an odd thing that happens when you go to the gym.  You find yourself gravitating toward the same treadmill, standing in front of the same mirror and falling into class in the same spot week after week (I am a back right kind of girl).  And sometimes if you are lucky, you will find the perfect instructor that keeps you coming back class after class.

When I first moved to Edmonton, the first yoga class I ever tried was at Lions Breath.  Over almost 3 years now, I keep going back to that studio.  Last year, my favorite yoga instructor moved our west to Kelowna and since then I haven’t really found my sweet spot.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all of the classes, but I don’t have the same connection.

That’s why I am so excited to see that Sherie Amrita will be back at Lions Breath for a weekend of classes at the end of August!

Where: Lion’s Breath Yoga Centre, #206, 10350–124 Street Edmonton, Alberta

When: August 26-27

Cost: $55 single session or $95 for weekend

If you can’t make all 3 sessions, Saturday afternoon looks particularly intriguing:

Our afternoon practice will incorporate inversions and arm balances as we expand outward from the midline. This will be a playful afternoon practice! Eat a light lunch!

Maybe this will be the day I learn to do a head stand without the wall! Or you know… watch everyone else : )


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