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It’s been a while since our summer book lovin’ post but that doesn’t mean our night stands have been bare.  I have been reading (and rereading) Gabrielle Bernstein’s Add more Ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness.  Reviewers call Bernstein the new Carrie Bradshaw for the 30 something generation.  At first I was entirely sceptical, but page after page I fell in love with Gabby.

ING, or Inner Guidance System, is the voice of inspiration we have within us.  Each chapter focuses on a different -Ing (like feelings, climbing, releasing, mirroring and others).  The book also has a 30 day guide, which works in activity, positive affirmations, and creative visualization.  This book also teaches you how to rethink and remove the negative thoughts you may have.  I know I am not the only one who has negative thoughts that creep in right??

Want to learn more?? Gabby also has a website called Her Future, a place to meet people, mentor or be mentored and even meditate with Gabby if you choose.  If you are like me, meditating is hard work.  In fact to be honest just sitting still is hard work for me! But I do believe there are benefits (even if it may take me years to fully realize them).

I can’t wait to start reading Spirit Junkie!! I leave you with my favourite Gabby quote: show up, make a commitment, turn it over, be willing!


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