Tap is Terrific!

I had the luxury of a day off work today (planned far in advance as a post-marathon recovery day).  To celebrate, I did a few of my favourite things today. First off, I took a trip down to Wee Book Inn of Stony Plain to sell back some old books and peruse what was in store.  I didn’t find anything too inspiring to I went to Chapters intending to get a copy of VegNews but they were all sold out.  So instead, I walked around the store for a good hour stretching out my legs and checking out ever possible gift item on display. Seriously, Chapters is the place to go if you want a photo frame in any size or shape. Amongst the things I saw were a 7 year pen, the best smelling candles in Edmonton, a lap desk (which I almost bought but then figured that’s what my lap already does), and a fabulous water bottle.

How cute is that! The bottle are made by Faucet Face from safe, non-chemical leaching glass, they are dishwasher, have a BPA- free plastic cap and are made of extra thick glass for added durability.

Why tap water from glass?

Somehow the bottled water industry has convinced us that we need their products, but we don’t. In addition to being wasteful and harmful to the environment, bottled water may also leach hormone-disrupting chemicals (i.e. BPA). Whether you fill up straight from the faucet or prefer a filter, our bottles let people know you’re drinking tap!

And did I mention that 5% of the profits go to Charity? When you buy a bottle, a portion of sales will go towards Biosands filters in rural India.  1 filter provides 100L of clean water.

So really, if you consider the amount of plastic bottles bought in a year, one glass bottle would probably cost less than a month’s worth. Even if you don’t change your habits long-term, you will be donating to the cause.  I should also add that lost and founds across Edmonton are probably home to quite a few of my stainless steel water bottles.  This one is staying in my office!


One Response to “Tap is Terrific!”
  1. Faucet Face says:

    Thanks for the kind words ladies! Hope you enjoy your bottle : )

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