Two and the City hits the road!

This past week I had the chance to accompany S to help out at the LinkPink event at Calgary.  We both took holiday time, and maybe underestimated just how much work goes into executing large-scale events such as this.  It was also our first big adventure (besides Ponoka) so it was fun to take a mini-vacation even if it was only to Calgary.

There were many highlights on the trip, from our first stop at the Donut Mill for dinner on Wednesday night and our stroll around Calgary that night.  Even at 10pm there were still so many people on the streets taking advantage of the warm weather and last call for patios.  It definitely had a different downtown feel.

We had to be up at 5:00 on ride day to head out to Wild Wild West event centre in Calgary, which is near Calaway Park.  After getting a little bit lost, we decided to go old school with a real map and not a smart phone to direct us.  We ended up being early so we stopped and grabbed what was probably the strongest cup of coffee I have had in ages.  We were excited!  Lance Armstrong would be arriving later in the morning and there was so much to do!  Everything went smoothly apart from one injured finger and S managing to rip her pants on a nail lol.  Don’t worry, there wasn’t any real exposed skin.  I secretly think it was part of her ploy to get noticed lol.   The riders were so friendly and Phil Liggett and Lance really are amazing people.  It is a little easier to get up close to Phil, so we even snapped a couple of pictures with him.

Once the riders left we were off too! We had 600 tables to set with centre pieces, donation forms to place and seating plans to sort out.  We quickly changed into our dresses and fixed our hair and walked down to the Telus Events (minus one pit stop so S could get some new earrings to bling up her outfit).  It turned out to be a very good idea to wear flats during the day!!

The dinner event went off without a hitch, apart from accommodating a couple extra tables at the last-minute.  We had the amazing opportunity to have drinks with CBCF staff and Phil Liggett.  What an amazing and humble man! He answered all my cycling questions and confirmed the obvious, Bernie Eisel is in fact a dream!!

We spent Friday shopping at the Chinook Centre and Cross Iron mills.  I had been waiting for weeks to pick up a little double heart pendant from Tiffany’s that I had been dreaming about.  We can’t wait for our next event!!




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