Smashing Pumpkins

From its humble beginnings in 1974, the Pumpkin Ball has evolved into a signature fundraising and community event in Wetaskiwin.”

– Marilyn Conner, Executive Director – Wetaskiwin & District Association

The Wetaskiwin and District Association for Community Service (WDACS) is a parent-founded, not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing qualitycommunity programs and services for adults and children with disabilities.  Serving Wetaskiwin and District area for more than 47 years, the Association has been a leader in promoting equality and inclusing for persons who have developmental disabilities.

The Pumpkin Ball started in 1974 and has evolved into the signature fundraising and awareness-building event for WDACS.  It truly is a community event.  The pumpkins were donated by No Frills and Sobeys in Wetaskiwin, they were decorated by creative community members and WDACS clients and staff, and purchased by generous donors at the gala held on Saturday, October 22 at the Memorial Arts Centre.  This was the 9th year I have been involved with the event and every year it gets better and better!  You simply can’t imagine what some people can do with a pumpkin.

The live and silent auction earns over $25,000 each year.  The cat masterpiece painted by Colleen McGinnis at Caelin Artworks brought over $1,500 in a live auction.  My pumpkin sold for substantially less.   I see it as a huge success that my mom or friend, Scot, didn’t have to buy my creation when no one else was bidding!

My family and friends are instrumental in the success of the Pumpkin Ball.  My mom is a fantastic volunteer.  Year after year she decorates a pumpkin, helps set up the hall the day before, always ends up picking up last minute stuff for me the day of the event, and helps process payments after the auction.

My friend Scot is an accomplished pianist who volunteers his time to play fantastic music during dinner.  He also helps out with endless other things throughout the event, most important to me is the after-party he organizes after the event for me!

This year my friends performed a traditional Filipino dance to kick off the show.  They were fantastic!

It is one of my favorite days of the year and I’m already thinking of ways to improve the event for next year!



One Response to “Smashing Pumpkins”
  1. Joan Olson says:

    It truly is a great event. I enjoy attending. I also enjoyed reading this article about the Pumpkin Ball.

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